The only constant is change

Recently I decided to follow a new path in my life… so to keep this “new” trend rolling, I have decided to start a new blog.

I found that I have experienced a lot since the start of my academic career at Stevenson University.  Each semester I learn something new about my relationships, my aspirations and myself.  This semester, my second to last spring semester of college, I have learned that allowing change in life can define a person.

Allowing change in our lives is challenging, or so I believe.  An example of this, in my life, happened recently.  Over winter break, I had too much free time to go to the gym and think.  In some cases, I become my own worst enemy when I over analyze different aspects of my life.  I was patiently awaiting my trip to London the week before spring semester started, when I began scheduling each week starting from the start of the softball season, at the end of January, until finals week in May.  I slowly realized I would be missing practices, some games and losing a lot of sleep due to an overloaded schedule.  I had exactly one month to figure out if playing softball was the best decision for my life.

Softball has been such a huge part of my life since I was a young girl.  I remember watching my brother, Ryan, play baseball growing up and always loving the sport.  I left baseball to my brother and basketball to me.  As I got older, I realized that playing more than one sport was an option, so I decided to play softball.  Ryan was and always will be the talent for the sport of baseball (or in my case, softball).  For me, softball was more than just a fun sport to play. I always viewed softball as a bridge to connect me to my brother.  Do not get me wrong… we had other connections, but this was one of our greatest. Each year, I grew more attached to the sport.  By my senior year in high school, I chose to play softball in college.  I spoke with several coaches from different schools, but one school fit me most: Stevenson University.  I decided to attend Stevenson for more reasons than just to play softball, though.  I loved the business communication major, how close the school was to home and my brother went there to play baseball.  Growing up I wanted to be like my brother, but when it came to colleges, I wanted to follow my own path.  Two months prior to deciding to attend Stevenson, I actually committed to a school in New Haven, CT.

I will never forget my first trip to the training room at Stevenson after committing to attend and play softball. My brother’s nickname on the baseball team was “Sherm”.  When I visited the training room, trainers and coaches proceeded to call me, “Little Sherm”.  Although the nickname was not my favorite, I was honored to be recognized as my brother’s little sister.  Softball continued to become more than just a sport to me; softball became a love and a passion.  After many difficulties with the sport, I was sure that my commitment to softball would never diminish.  I soon became the captain of the team and was ready for my junior year.  It was then that I found my schedule to be overwhelming. It was then that I found myself torn between giving up a passion and working to better my career for the future.

Before winter break, I committed to an internship for the spring at the 1840s Plaza, I took on the title of Director of Community Outreach for the Student Government Association, decided to keep my job as a Wellness Center Peer Educator and enrolled in six classes for 18 credits.  Needless to say, my schedule would be incredibly busy. Imagine softball practices and games added to my schedule on top of what I already had; busy would be an understatement.  Unfortunately, retiring from softball was a tough decision to make.  After weeks of contemplation and searching for alternatives, I had to decide.

Finally, this is when I realized that allowing change in life could define a person.  Retiring from softball was the hardest decision I have ever had to make in my life.  Nevertheless, change is not always negative.  This change will be positive. I am sure of it.  It has been a week since my decision and I miss softball a lot.  Even though I miss softball, I am finding time to do many things I would have never been able to do such as, blogging, reading, working more, cooking and more.  The change has been tough, but I am working through it. I am taking things one day at a time. This change will define me… positively of course.

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