Being Good Isn’t Good Enough

Barbara Streisand said it best, folks.  “Being good isn’t good enough. I’ll be the best or nothing at all.”  I am sure that this line is interpreted in many different ways.  For me, this line is simple to understand and easy to live by.

Let us think of this line in a college setting.  C’s and B’s are “good”, to me.  A’s are the best.  So, why not strive to be the best?  I know people who live by the “C’s get degrees” motto.  You will never hear those words come from my mouth.  Just like Barbara said… “Being good isn’t good enough. I’ll be the best or nothing at all.”

This line can be used almost anywhere.  In school, in the workplace, on the field, in the kitchen, you name it.  It is hard to be the best at something, though.  I think we can all agree on that.  It takes a lot of hard work, determination, and patience.  However, is that not what separates the good from the best?  The good are not willing to put in the extra hard work, stay determined, or be patient.  The best? The best go the extra mile.  The best are determined to be the best or stay the best.  The best are patient when something does not go his or her way.  The best believe that if you are going to do something, why not give 100 percent of your efforts.  Simply put, the best are the best… or nothing at all.

Are you living up to your “best” potential?

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