The news is overrated.

I bet you’re wondering why I haven’t blogged in almost a month. And if you aren’t wondering… I will tell you why anyway.  This past month has been incredibly busy. My friends have always warned me that my junior year of college will be the busiest. Boy, they weren’t kidding!  Although, I have found time to make it to a few Nationals games. You can’t blame me for that!

Let’s recap everything that has happened, shall we?  I know everyone has discussed this and I hate to follow suit… but our main topic for today is the Boston Marathon Bombings.  However, I won’t be writing about how the events made me feel, what I feel should happen to “Bomber #2” or what my overall opinions are on the subject.  I want to talk about the media and their role during this unfortunate tragedy.

During most of last week, I found myself checking news platforms almost every five minutes to get the latest update.  My eyes were glued to the television as news stations replayed the same clips over and over again.  I analyzed as much information I could wrap my head around and I wasted hours of my life that I will never get back.  I hope I didn’t offend anyone by using the word “wasted”.  If I did, I apologize. However, wasted is the best word (and only, in my opinion) to describe how I feel after last week.  I think it is safe to say that responsible journalism is dead nowadays.  I spent too many hours trying to determine what news was speculation and what news was factual.  I should have spent that time doing homework, working out, or better yet… blogging!  As I am writing this, though, I feel that watching and reading the news during this tragedy was not a complete waste.  I only augmented my belief of the news being a lie. Granted, all news is not a lie… but most of it is exaggerated, embellished, and incredibly biased.

One news station emphasized how some citizens of the United States are terrified to run a marathon, attend large-scale events, or simply walk from one block to another.  This breaks my heart.  Do not live in fear, America! That is exactly what terrorists want us to do. Terrorists want us to live the way they live in their countries.  Do not be afraid to walk to your mailbox, run a marathon, attend a parade or what have you.  Live your life.  Yes, terrible things happen… we do not live in a perfect world. But you cannot waste your life away in fear. You shouldn’t even waste your life away watching the news all day long (like I did). Watch the news for a little bit, stand up, be thankful for this amazing country we live in, and continue living your life as if you would, given we lived in a perfect world.

I have finished my rant, folks.  If you have read this far… thank you.  I will end my post today with this: everything happens for a reason.  Trust that God has a plan for us all. Simple as that.

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