Go live your life… go have fun.

Lately I have been losing sleep because I have so many thoughts running through my head. The only way to cure a restless mind is to shop. Ladies know what I mean! With that being said, my friend and I decided to go shopping at our local mall this afternoon.  At one store, whilst checking out, we started a conversation about waiting to have children.  I believe at one point I made a statement along the lines of, “I cannot take an infant with me to Italy and bars.”  The cashier chuckled at my statement and decided it was a perfect opportunity to bestow her wisdom upon my friend and me.

Typically, I am not a fan of people chiming in my conversations and giving me unsolicited advice. Nevertheless, I felt a connection with this woman and decided to listen with an open mind.  After she told us how she waited until she was in her thirties to marry and bear children, she said seven words that I have been hearing from friends and family over the age of thirty a lot this year. “Go live your life… go have fun.”

Before today, when I heard this advice, I flipped my cynic switch on with thoughts such as, “Is it really that simple?” “Well, no, of course not. Nothing is, right?” Oh, and I cannot forget my personal favorite, “I can’t afford to go have fun!”  Today was different for me, though.  When the cashier spoke those seven words, I smiled and thought to myself, “I finally understand this advice.”  Okay, so maybe I am not financially stable enough to take a trip to Italy or live in London for a few years. I refuse to let that stop me from enjoying my twenties and going through a young adult metamorphosis, if you will.  I do not need to settle immediately after graduating from college!

I realized today that living my life and having fun really is “that simple.” When I arrived at home after my shopping trip, I ran around my backyard with my dog. I was so carefree and happy. I was having fun. Therefore, yes, it is that simple. Go live your life… go have fun.

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