Challenge Accepted! (Sort of)

This past semester at Stevenson, an opportunity was brought to my attention.  This opportunity would allow me to represent my university, connect with students from other campuses in the Baltimore area, learn how to develop a vision, and develop as a great leader in my area. At first, I was hesitant because I have attended my fair share of leadership conferences.  The first conference I ever attended was one of the best experiences in my life to date.  Other conferences I attended did not leave a memorable mark for me.  This does not mean the conference was not worthwhile for every person that attended, I mean that for myself, I was not challenged enough.

Challenge. Who determines what is challenging, anyway? How do leadership programs (or any programs for that matter) determine what is challenging for each person?  What is challenging to me may not be to another person. For example, if I was asked to create and present a presentation for the public about my favorite movie and why, I would not find that challenging. I create and present different presentations at least ten times per semester. However, if you ask someone who seldom creates and presents information to a group of people, they may find this task challenging.  My point? Well, I guess I do not exactly have a point. I just find the idea of a “challenge” very interesting. If anyone has any input on this, please enlighten me.  Determining a line for what is challenging has to be incredibly tough for employers, professors, group leaders, leadership program designers, department chairs, and anyone in a leader position to do.

Going back to the original point of this post… The Baltimore Collegetown Leadershape Program! After contemplating whether or not this would be a real challenge for me, I chose to apply.  I was selected amongst many applicants (I do not know the exact number, but I hear it was a lot) to represent Stevenson University!  During this program I will be developing myself as a leader, developing a vision that I believe will change the Baltimore community for the better, and connect with other college students in the Baltimore area to become civic-minded leaders.  This will definitely be a challenge! As Barney Stinson, from the television show How I Met Your Mother, would say, “Challenge Accepted!”

I cannot wait to blog about my experience throughout the next year! The program begins August 10th and I am so ready to get started. 

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