Miss Fit: Where do I begin?

Dictionary.com defines fitness as “the condition of being physically fit and healthy.” In first grade, I started playing basketball and I would say that it was my first real experience in understanding the concept of “fitness.” Although as a six year old, fitness was not as big of a concern as it is at the age of twenty-one, I still began to grasp why it is important.

Playing church league basketball was the first step towards my life of fitness. After basketball came soccer, dance softball, volleyball, track, and even the occasional backyard football games with neighbors. It was not until tenth grade weight training class, however, that I found a passion for lifting weights and eating healthy. Lifting weights became something that I would look forward.  Eating healthy was not very hard when I knew it would improve my mental and physical abilities in sports.  Little did I know, it was improving my mental and physical abilities in everyday life. 

When it was time for me to go to college, many of my older friends and family members warned me of the dreaded “freshman fifteen.”  I was certain this would not pose a problem because I would be playing on the college softball team, so staying in shape was a necessity.  And I did stay in shape. I lifted with a trainer during the season and off-season I followed an individualized workout plan that a friend of mine helped me to develop. I was gaining a lot of strength and eating healthy each day… until my junior year in college.

This past year I went through many changes in my life. One change in particular was retiring from softball.  One of the hardest decisions in my life was both helpful and hurtful to my mind and body.  Mentally, I was less stressed, more focused on school, and found time for myself.  Physically, I lost the drive to go to the gym and ate anything and everything (not literally, of course). By the end of spring, I noticed this change in pictures; I gained weight in my face and stomach. I was ready to start fresh and so I did!

The beginning of May marked the start of my new workout plan and diet. I went to the gym at least three times a week and cut back on sweets/fatty foods. (Side note: if you have never heard about Herbalife shakes… I would check them out. I will post separately about the amazing Herbalife shakes later.)

So, where do you begin? I began by noticing a change was necessary. I am not telling you to compare your body now to your body in high school. For me, it was more than the picture. I felt lethargic, less driven, and overall I felt as if I was “half-assing” everything from schoolwork to social life. The picture was simply my motivation.  If you are comfortable or happy as you are, why change anything? Do not. Only make the change if you feel that it will make you a better you. In my case, I am striving to be a better me because I know that the girl from January-May was NOT me.

Begin with the desire to change. No desire? No change. If you have the desire but lack the motivation, keep up with my blog. Together we can motivate each other to change for the better. I will leave you with one of my favorite motivational quotes by Muhammad Ali.

“The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.” – Muhammad Ali

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