SOTW: One Way Or Another (Cover) By: One Direction

Okay… now, I know One Direction already receives a lot of hype and publicity through preteens, but I love this music video. I have always loved the song One Way Or Another by: Blondie, so to hear it covered by a boy band (a cute British boy band lucky for us), I had to give it a chance. I gave it a chance and I think it is very well covered.

What I love about this song is the music video. I am a sucker for videos (not specific to music videos) that are “selfie” videos. I say “selfie” because that seems to be a popular way to describe a person taking a picture, or in this case a video, of them. Selfie videos remind me of high school when I was enrolled in a multi-media class. In this class we taped and edited our own videos to facilitate learning about the equipment and editing programs. Doing this taught me a lot and I had a blast doing so.

What I love even more about this video is the reason they chose to tape it on their own. Oh and you get a glimpse of London, one of my all time favorite cities. Take a gander at this and enjoy.

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