SOTW (For next week): Break My Stride by: Matthew Wilder

If you read my post from a few weeks ago, you may recall that I will be attending a leadership conference in Baltimore. The conference begins this Sunday, August 11th and I will be without a computer until August 16th. I wanted to post next week’s song of the week today because I have A LOT to do before school starts. I return to school on August 18th for SGA and Peer Educators as we prepare for the fall semester! Boy does time fly!

Now, on to the song… I chose Break My Stride for a few reasons. The first reason is I love 80s music. I was born in 1992 when 80s music was still “hip.” The second reason I love this song is because before I retired from softball, I planned on this being my walk-out song. In baseball/softball, as you walk up to bat, a song plays that is used to either pump you up, or in my case, define who you are as a person/player. I have always been a goofy, class clown type of person and what better way to showcase that than with fun, 80s music? Each season, I chose an 80s song that lightened my mood and kept me loose before swinging away. The final reason I love this song is because of the lyrics. I find the chorus of the song matches my mentality on life. I do not let anyone or anything break my stride (literally and figuratively). When I reach a speed bump, I may slow down, but I never stop. This song always inspires me to keep that mentality and proceed regardless of the circumstances.

So, press the play button and take it back to 1983. Enjoy!

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