SOTW: Walking on a Dream by Empire Of The Sun

If you keep up with my song of the week portion of the blog at all, you will probably notice a wide range of music. Rock, 80s, Pop, Country, Contemporary, Indie, Rap, Religious… you name it. If you haven’t noticed that yet, you will over time.

I remember hearing Walking on a Dream a few years back on YouTube. I enjoyed it then but fell more in love with it after hearing it on the soundtrack of the movie, Hall Pass. That movie is hilarious. Check it out if you want a good laugh! The song just emits this feeling that I cannot explain. I instantly feel “chill” or “relaxed” when I listen to this. But, I also find it great to listen to when running. Sometimes relaxing songs make for a better workout. Other days I need Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach, or Saliva when working out. I guess it all depends on my mood!

This song is very different, but definitely give it a chance. I think it is fantastic. Happy Listening!

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