Halloween Fun!

Every year I go all out for Halloween. I have adored this holiday for as long as I can remember. My freshman year of college at Stevenson, I decided to visit my best friend at Towson (which is about fifteen minutes from SU) and celebrate the fun holiday together with mutual friends. She was a cowgirl and I was a leopard. We had a blast together and created amazing memories from that night.


The last two years, though, I did not spend Halloween with my Towson friends. It only felt right to celebrate my final Halloween in college the way I started it… in Towson. This year, I coordinated a costume with my man, JC. We chose a costume that was inexpensive but still fun! If you watch or ever watched Futurama, you will know Leela and Fry! Check out the costume below!


My best friend Tori started her night off as a squirrel (her favorite animal). However, because we are now old enough to go to bars, she chose to ditch the hot squirrel costume and portray her inner cartoon character. Have you ever watched the television show, Bob’s Burgers? If you have, you should definitely recognize Tori… I mean Tina! đŸ˜‰



I couldn’t stop the Halloween celebration there, though! I had to squeeze in one more fun night with another group of friends. This time I chose to stay at Stevenson with my favorite people from SU. JC and I decided that, although inexpensive, our costumes were a hassle. The wig would fall, Leela’s eye was itchy, Fry’s orange hair (hairspray) ruined our white clothes… need I say more? So, we found two costumes for $17 the day after Halloween at Target. We both are children at heart, so we chose to highlight that by dressing as two of our favorite Pixar characters, Mike and Sully from Monster’s Inc. The funny thing about our costume was that it was meant for toddlers. We cut them a little and can honestly say we looked awesome! When we arrived at the Stevenson gathering, many of our friends were dressed as Disney characters, too!


The weekend was awesome! This Halloween is certainly one to remember. I cannot imagine another way to have spent it. The spirit, the company, and the candy are always sure to please. Happy Belated Halloween!

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