SOTW: Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas

As I was driving home from class this morning, I turned on the radio for the two-minute drive back to my apartment. Carry On My Wayward Son begins to play and I immediately roll down the windows, blast the volume, and sing my heart out.

I should not have to explain why I chose this song for the song of the week. The song is so incredible and needs no explanation. However, I am going to explain why I chose it for this week…. I have been contemplating life and my future. I am questioning the path I have taken and wonder if there is something more. Haha, don’t we all? For some reason, hearing this song today, I felt relieved or reassured. “There’ll be peace when you are done.” I may be taking that line a bit too literally when I say that I could not agree more. When I am finished school or finish the weird journey I am currently on, I think I will find peace. I spend too much time debating with myself about what is right or wrong for me. I need to stop thinking so much.

Therefore, my song of the week is Carry On My Wayward Son. Listen to it. Enjoy it. Analyze it as I always do and carry on.

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