Obligatory Thanksgiving Blog Post

Well followers, Thanksgiving has ended. You know what this means? Oh yes you do! Bring out the Christmas decorations, dusty Christmas CDs, evergreen Yankee Candles, and of course, your holiday spirit! Before we all sing Christmas carols, wish for snow, and write letters to Santa… I would like to go back to Thanksgiving (yeah yeah yeah, I know I am late).

I am very thankful for all of my followers, family, and friends for supporting this blog. I am working hard to gain more followers and reach more people. I may not post interesting blogs every single day, but I certainly try to keep you reading. Like my Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/thefaithfulelephant?ref=hl) and follow this blog if you have not already! Comment and tell me things you like or do not like. I love suggestions and constructive criticism. Do not be a mean Marley, though! I prefer a sweet Susie. 😉

Aside from being thankful for my growth as a blogger and for you (duh), I am very thankful for God! He never fails to bless my family and myself. My faith has only gotten stronger over the past year. Over the holidays, remember the true meaning of Christmas, be thankful for Him, and of course, help mom in the kitchen every once in a while, haha!

Happy Holidays, Followers. Enjoy some photos from my Family’s Thanksgiving below!




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