SOTW: The Beat by Ben Rector

I heard “The Beat” on my way back to school yesterday evening. I have always enjoyed music from Ben Rector, but I never listened to him without Pandora suggesting it. When the song began, I almost skipped it to find something upbeat. I decided to give it a second for the obvious reason… to listen to the lyrics (go figure).

Twenty-five seconds later, the song’s tempo picked up and I was cruising down 301 with a huge smile on my face. The lyrics were appealing and I memorized the chorus within seconds. I love songs like that. When a song is catchy enough for me to pick up the lyrics during my first listen, I think it is a good song. These songs are the types that are stuck in your head all day long. Sure enough, I was singing it all night. This is a great driving song and I found it excellent for studying, as well. Check it out!

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