SOTW: Lost! By Coldplay

I am posting my SOTW earlier because next week I have finals! I am so ready to finish this semester and start my TEFL course! The song I chose for this week is Lost! by Coldplay. Coldplay is one of my favorite bands. They are very talented and this song proves that true.

The reason I chose this song is that I think we all feel down at some point in our life. So many negative factors may flood your life, but there will be a silver lining. The lyrics of this song encourage me to accept what is happening around me. I cannot control every aspect of my life. We all must realize that the hurt, disappointment, or negativity is not who we are deep down. It reminds me of the proverb, “This too shall pass.” Just as the song says, “Just because I am losing, doesn’t mean I am lost.”

This SOTW goes out to all of my readers who are feeling down or discouraged. I hope you read this post and remember that everything happens for a reason. Smile. We all will get through the hardships if we realize they do not define us. This outlook has served me well.

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