Snow Pups

I cannot help but feel like a child when I see that it has snowed. Even though I do not get to play in the snow as often as I would when I was younger, I still jump for joy at the thought of a snow day. Not to mention it is beautiful! Anything covered with a blanket of snow suddenly appears beautiful. For example, my family has an old green/teal Honda Civic parked in front of our yard. Now, this is not “ugly,” but it certainly is not appealing to the eye. Yet, when I look out my bedroom window, I see this car covered in snow, not some old clunker hanging out in front of my house. This may not have been the best example, but it made sense to me. If you would like a better example, imagine a trashcan filled with trash. Flies are flying around it and even if you are not within ten feet of the can, you can assume the smell is just rancid. Now, picture that same trashcan filled with trash covered with a blanket of snow. There is not a fly in sight and the smell is probably trapped beneath the snow. I dig that picture a lot more than stinky, fly ridden trash. Okay… so, this example was not top notch either. But, hey, I tried.

Another aspect of a snow day I love is watching my dogs play in it like there is no tomorrow. It is so fun to watch and I had to grab my camera to take some shots of the two having a blast outside. I hope that you all will enjoy the photos I took! Check them out below.



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