Great Falls is Truly Great!

All of my DMV followers will (hopefully) know what I am referring to when I say Great Falls. For those followers not from the DC Metropolitan area, Great Falls Park is a small park in Virginia, near Tyson’s Corner. This park is home to the Great Falls of the Potomac River! I visited this past Saturday and absolutely LOVED the falls. The view is truly breathtaking. A $5 fee is between you and a beautiful sight to see. The park is not just for photography, staring, and embracing nature, though. There are many hiking trails, opportunities for climbing, kayaking, and taking in some history about the river and Patomack Canal.

While visiting, I learned that seven people drown per year in the Potomac River. I was very surprised at that number, actually. I was expecting lower numbers! Stay safe out there, friends. Water is incredibly dangerous. My main purpose for this visit was to enjoy the scenery, take in the fresh air, and, of course, take beautiful photos! Unfortunately, it was frigid on Saturday. I did not take nearly as many photos as I had planned. I did take a few great shots though! Check them out below and enjoy! I forgot to mention this in my SOTW post, but Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!


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