SOTW: Rise by Shawn McDonald

I apologize for the late blog post! Usually I post the song of the week on a Sunday or Monday. The amount of homework I have had over the weekend and the start of this week was MASSIVE. I should actually be finishing a homework assignment now!

The song of the week is Rise by Shawn McDonald. This artist is another artist that I discovered through Spotify. I am requesting that you all download Spotify! It is an incredibly tool for discovering music. You can always just wait for my weekly blog posts, though! 😉

Shawn McDonald is very talented. I think he has a great voice and I cannot wait to hear more from him. As for the song Rise, I obviously like this song a lot if I chose to post it as my song of the week, haha. Lately, I have been struggling to get through each week. I use the word struggle loosely. I know many people in this world are experiencing struggles. My struggles are nothing compared to that. Senioritis is a better way to describe my struggle. I am so eager to graduate and start my life after graduation that I am losing my focus. If you are a senior in college (or even high school), DO NOT LOSE FOCUS! Finish strong. I am telling myself this every single day. Come April… I will have to write that down on a chalkboard to get it through my head like the old days when a child was in trouble at school! I picture myself as Bart Simpson writing on the board when he was in detention lol!

I am digressing… Rise is a great song and it has been very encouraging to stay strong through anything, especially a stressful final semester in college. Expect many songs like this over the next few weeks (or months). To my fellow graduates, stay focused and finish strong! We will rise and beat the senioritis struggle together, with the help of God! Remember, He is always on our side and He will help us rise! Happy Listening.

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