SOTW: Cannonball by Lea Michele

Those of you who know me probably know I love the Fox television show, Glee. I have not had time to keep up with this season, unfortunately. However, I scheduled to catch up with this season after the month of February. This month is a bit too hectic between school, SGA, work, and applying for jobs. I have allotted a lot of “me” time during the month of March. Don’t ask how it will happen because I haven’t figured that part out yet haha. Anyway… Those of you who REALLY know me know how much I adore Lea Michele (one of the main characters in Glee, Rachel Berry). She is adorable, talented, and has a great head on her shoulders. I intended to post this song when it was originally released last year, but forgot to bump the song up on my “list of songs to post” list.

Cannonball is a single from Lea Michele’s album (to be released at the end of February) named Louder. For those of you thinking of a birthday present for me, hint hint I would love this album lol! Cannonball is a fantastic single that I love to listen to when working on job applications, doing homework, or working out. I think it is an empowering song and encourages greatness. This is a fantastic song to debut Lea Michele’s music potential outside of Glee (not that we had any doubt because she is fabulous).

Check this song out! I do not think you will be disappointed. Lea Michele’s album, Louder, is set to be released on February 28th. After you hear this song, you may want to pre-order an album that, I believe, will impress us all.

“I let go of fear and the peace came quickly.” – Lyrics from Cannonball by Lea Michele

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