Fashion for the gym?

I am currently enrolled in a magazine writing class that requires students to write three articles for an online class magazine. I love it. The first article is 500 words, the second is 750, and the final article is 1,000 words. I chose to write my first article for the “Fashion Department” of the magazine.

Fashion. Oh my, this is an interesting topic for me. I am not the most fashionable gal in class. Honestly, I do not know much about fashion at all. The extent of my “fashion sense” has come from The Devil Wears Prada! (Thanks for the fashion tips Meryl Streep.) That is not to say I do not recognize good fashion when I see it. I would say that I am an amateur fashionista. I appreciate fashion, I try to create my own look while sticking with the colors that are in season, and I know to avoid white after Labor Day. What more do I need to know in order to write the article?

I forgot to mention that the article is intended for fashionistas who love fitness. That means I am writing the article in hopes to inform readers about “gym fashion.” If anyone can do that… it is me! For followers that see my attire at the gym, do not call me out! If I had the money to buy all of the “cute” clothes I would like to wear to the gym, I would. I still dress the way, I believe, you should dress when going to the gym, though. This means ditch the heels, flip flops, and Ugg boots. Invest in a good pair of tennis/running shoes. I would ditch the leotards too. We are not in the 80s or a ballet class. Ladies, trust me when I say this next tip…. WEAR A SPORTS BRA. Support your gals and thank me later. I will be posting my “What to wear to the gym” article in a week or so. This is a teaser. Brace yourselves. Refer to the tips above if you need immediate fashion assistance.

Source: Jennie Widegren

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