SOTW: Call me Irresponsible by Frank Sinatra

Oh Frank… I swoon over you. This song is one of my favorites performed by Frank Sinatra. I enjoy the Michael Buble version, too! Michael Buble’s version is a bit more upbeat, which I think works so well with this song. The Dinah Washington version of this song is performed differently from Sinatra and Buble. It has a touch of jazz and her voice is so powerful. I love all of these versions.

Call Me Irresponsible, by Frank Sinatra, is so beautiful and his voice makes me heart melt. What is about this song that gives me chills? I think it is the lyrics. The lyrics are perfect for a hopeless romantic like myself. It should make any woman fall for the man singing it to her, in my opinion. Who doesn’t want Frank Sinatra irresponsibly mad about them? Be irresponsible all you want, Frank, because I adore you! 😉

Click here for Michael Buble’s version of this song!
Click here for Dinah Washington’s version of this song!

Technically, after reading, you will notice this is three songs of the week! Enjoy some beautiful music, though, followers. Let me know what you think!

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