100 Happy Days

Starting today, March 3, JC and I will be participating in 100 happy days. Each day, he and I will submit a picture of something/someone that made us happy. Participants have the option to post each picture on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. He and I chose not to do that. We do not want to bombard people with our “happy days,” haha. I am overwhelmed by people who post daily pictures… so why would I want to do that to them?

Instead, we chose to blog one post a week with a collage of our photos from that week. For example, if we start today, I will post Sunday evening with our photos from the week. I will also post a few captions with the pictures, too. All posts will read “100 Happy Days” in the blog title. Please remember that this challenge is not for you; it is for us. We are not doing this to compete with other people and prove how happy we are. We want to remind ourselves that there is ALWAYS something to look forward to in life. We cannot focus on the negatives. We want to share our experience with my followers in hopes to inspire you to be happy! If you are up for the challenge, please give it a shot! It will be tough, but in the end, I know it will make us even happier.

Keep up with this page for our 100 days of happy! Who knows… maybe we can all encourage happiness to people who need it!
Click here to take the 100 Happy Days Challenge!

Enjoy a little Pharrell to inspire happiness! 😉

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