The Do’s & Don’ts for Fitness Fashion

A few weeks ago I posted a teaser blog about fitness fashion. I wrote an article for my magazine writing course (our Magazine is Surge) about this topic and chose to share it with my followers! Enjoy the 500 word piece below.

The Do’s & Don’ts for Fitness Fashion
By Kristin Baione

Kick off your heels, ladies; we are heading to the gym.  We may not love going to the fitness center, but that does not mean we cannot look good while being there. You no longer need to subject your inner fashionista to plain clothes for your workout.

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You have a plethora of options between shorts and pants to tees and tank tops. Start with your lower half. Choose a pair of shorts, pants, or capris that best suit your preferences. After, choose a sports bra and top that compliments the lower half.  If you choose a pair of black yoga pants with a colored waistband, consider a vibrant tank top or tee (and vice versa). Yellows and oranges look great with blues and greens, while reds and pinks look great with blacks and greys. Use this opportunity to layer your favorite colors. For example, a pink sports bra paired with a yellow tank top and black yoga pants is a perfect, fashionable outfit for the gym. In the winter months, layering is imperative to keep those muscles warm to prevent injury and avoid catching a cold. Add a bright colored hoodie or fleece and sweatpants to your outfit. Warm muscles and a healthy body make for a happy, fashionable woman.

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Shoes can make or break any outfit. Do not choose athletic shoes with outrageous colors that will never match your wardrobe. If you mainly wear reds, blues, and purples, do not choose a bright green shoe; purchase shoes that will match those three colors.  A simple way to match all of your outfits and staying under budget is to buy one pair of black athletic shoes. Remember that you can accessorize with patterned or brightly colored socks, as well. You can even add a splash of color and pizazz to your attire with a headband if socks are not enough. Above all, though, choose a comfortable pair of shoes. Running footwear is different from yoga or hiking footwear. A shoe may look “cute,” but that does not mean it will enhance your workout. 

The final fashion tip is for our frugal fashionistas. Affording the latest activewear trends from stores like Under Armour or Lucy can be tough. Other viable options are out there to ease your mind. You do not need to spend your entire paycheck on activewear. Yes, topnotch, sweat-wicking technology, and labels are great. Fashion at the gym should not put a hole in your wallet, though. No labels are necessary for a wardrobe to be considered fashionable. Many clothing stores have inexpensive clothes for fitness. The key is finding your preferred pieces of clothing and adding your own style to it. My favorite stores to shop include Target, Old Navy, JCPenney, Amazon, and Wet Seal.

While you are running on the treadmill, enjoying hot yoga, or lifting weights, look in the mirror and say, “Wow, I look fantastic!” These tips are sure to help boost your confidence with fashion. Remember: keep your clothes layered, matching, and comfortable. Say goodbye to old t-shirts and shorts, and say hello to fashionable activewear!

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