100 Happy Days – 3 weeks later…

I am three weeks behind. I know! I have been taking pictures each day for my 100 Happy Days Challenge, I just haven’t posted them! JC is slacking big time. We need to work on his 100 Happy Days. As for mine, below are collages from each week! Under each collage is a brief post about the pictures and how they made me “happy” for my happy days! I hope those of you who are participating in this challenge are enjoying it. I have found that it makes a huge difference when a day does not start as planned. After I take my happy day photo, I am instantly reminded of happy things going on in my life. I will let you check out my photos now! 


This first collage is from March 3-9! The quality of the photos are not amazing because most were taken with my cell phone. However, each photo brings a smile to my face. I will focus on three photos in this collage. The first is Parks & Recs. JC and I LOVE this show. We are watching each season on Netflix currently. The first day of this challenge, I spent most of my day enjoying the show. Obviously this made me smile! The next photo is a photo of three friends from high school (top right corner). We all were in Panama City Beach, FL for spring break at the same time. We met up for a night out and it was a ton of fun! Finally, the photo in the bottom right corner is a view from our PCB, FL balcony. My best friend Emily and I sat on the balcony every morning and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. 


This next collage goes from March 10-18. This is not Monday to Sunday… but I liked this collage grid better than the last one. Each photo is the same size so some do not look more important than others! The first three photos are from PCB, FL with two of my best friends, Emily and Erinn! We had an amazing road trip. The next three photos are from my time back home and finishing my spring break. Seeing Dexter (my dog – middle left) and Bailey (she is not pictured, but she was missed just as much) made my day amazing. The next day, finally seeing JC after a week was incredible. I was able to hang out with his family, too! They always put a smile on my face. The final picture in that row is of my favorite girls from HS, Jenna, Erinn, and Tori. We had a wonderful reunion. The last three photos are of JC and Me, a funny picture JC always sends me to say, “Hey,” and a poster board that my friend, Nick and I put together for a presentation!


The last collage represents March 19-Today, March 26. I am going to choose three photos to talk about for this collage. The first is the bottom middle photo taken on Monday, March 24 at the Student vs. Faculty/Staff basketball game! This experience was wonderful! I met new students, raised money for Relay for Life, and STUDENTS WON! The game was insane. We won in the last minute or two in the game by ONE point. The next photo is the lox and cream cheese bagel to the right of the basketball photo from Towson Hot Bagels. Do I need to explain why that made me happy? The last photo I would like to highlight is the Stride gum. I had no gum left in my purse, so naturally I was bummed. Chewing gum helps my anxiety (as crazy as that sounds). I decided to check my book bag and VOILA! I found a pack that I must have thrown in there a while back. That was a happy moment.

Some moments in life are meant to be cherished. In my case, finding a small pack of gum was worthy of my 100 Happy Days challenge. Even the smallest moments make the greatest impacts. Cherish EVERY moment. Why limit yourself to one photo per day? I had to choose my favorite moment each day! I wish all the photos made it to the collage. I hope you enjoyed some of my happy moments from March 3 to March 26. Have a HAPPY day!

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