And yet, in spite of everything, we persevere.

If I have learned anything from my weekend at ECA, it is that we should all spend more time with positive people. The story behind this revelation begins with enrolling in a college algebra course last fall. The last algebra class I took was eighth grade… MIDDLE SCHOOL. I have taken trig and calculus during high school years, but I hadn’t seen exponential functions, power functions, and logarithms since middle school. Please note: I am a communication major. I choose to write, speak, and you know… do anything but math. Do not judge me, math people!

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Over the past few weeks, my algebra professor (who is a great) has taught my class a hefty amount of concepts. Normally, I would breeze right through. My previous test grades are high B’s and A’s. This final chapter (more like chapters) test was not my number one priority, as it should have been. With ECA and graduation on my mind, I did not take the time to study as much as I should have for this test. I also had to take the test right after landing back in Baltimore from Providence. By now you have probably figured out that I did not do well on this test. Well, you are correct. I blanked. What can I say… I did not prepare myself well enough.

I believe that I did not prepare myself well enough because I decided that no matter what, I would fail. A friend in the class told me the test was tough and I let that get to my head. Never do this! Have confidence in yourself, be positive, and remember that it is just one test. I have to thank my professors and friends for listening to my negativity. They did a great job of keeping me positive and reminding me that in the grand scheme of things… this test means nothing. I wish I understood this sooner. Better late than never, though, right? I will find out the grade I received on Tuesday before our final exam. I know it will not be as great as my previous test scores and I do not mind. Whatever grade I receive is what I earn. Based on my negativity, I earned an F, haha.

We all need to learn to defend ourselves against negativity. We can do this by surrounding ourselves with positive people, focusing on today, and letting go when necessary. This blog is my way of letting it go. It is also an opportunity for me to share my lesson with others. Stay positive! Negativity is contagious, disgusting, and brings out the worst in people. Do not be that person. I will not be anymore, especially in school. Graduating helps a little, lol! Do not fret, followers. Everything cannot go our way all the time. The people who overcome adversity and negativity are the strongest.

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