SOTW: Our Song by The Spill Canvas

If you follow my song of the week (SOTW) posts, you are probably bitter with my lack of posting lately. I have thousands of songs to share, I promise. I just haven’t chosen one that is fitting for my crazy life at the moment. Never fear, though, because I have two songs to share this week. The first song is somewhat of a throwback.

Four years ago, I started my college career at Stevenson. I remember listening to this song during my first few months of college and I had to share it again. The song that started it all must be the song to end it. It’s just how it has to be. I have loved The Spill Canvas since 2007 when I heard their song, All Over You. It’s a fun song with great lyrics and it is catchy. What more could you need? Check this song out, as well as the song I will be posting immediately after this. Graduation is one week from tomorrow!

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