Graduation is finally here

The time has finally come. Tomorrow morning I will be walking across the stage receiving my diploma (well, the diploma folder, lol) from Stevenson University with a B.S. in Business Communication. Where has the time gone? My best friend, Tori, posted a photo on Instagram this morning that she and I took together in high school around this time four years ago. It is throwback Thursday, so I feel that I should post some photos that were taken from senior year in high school. As we all know, the only constant is change. I am a firm believer in that statement. Change can be good or bad (obviously). I feel that I have changed for the better in the last four years. I am proud of the person I was, but I am prouder of the person I have become. I am finishing my senior year of college with honors (Magna Cum Laude) and I couldn’t have done that without the support of my family, friends, and amazing professors. Enjoy two throwback photos from my senior year of high school and one from freshman year of college. Congratulations to all 2014 graduates! Even though the roads ahead may be a bit daunting… we still accomplished something great! In the words of Elle Woods, “We did it!”

Photo Credit:

booger jc fresh year



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