Friend. Friend. Unfriend. Friend.

As I type this blog post, I hear thunder and see flashes of lightning. Given the spirit of a storm, how can I not spark a controversial post? This isn’t completely controversial, but it certainly can stir up good conversation. Tonight’s topic is Facebook Friends: To keep them or not to keep them… that is the question.

At the start of finals week, I found myself looking through old photos from high school and the start of college. I remember adding people I met ONE TIME and hoped we would stay friends because of the Facebook request. I began to wonder how many, of my 1,261 friends, were actually my “friend.” The definition of the word friend (according to is “a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.” I hate to admit that at least 1,200 of those Facebook friends do not fit that definition. And so the deleting begins… or does it?

Do you find yourself hesitant to click the unfriend button? You may wonder if deleting a person will cause “drama” or you will lose networking opportunities. I used to feel this way. I decided to leave networking to LinkedIn and drama out the door. We worry too much about what others may think. The act of unfriending a person can be interpreted in many ways, so why does it matter? If I unfriend you, it is for one of three reasons. 1. We do not talk/you do not post things that pertain to my life. 2. You are a bad influence. 3. You are not a nice person.

You may call it harsh… that is fine. I call it reality. When I went through old photos, I realized that over half the people I was friends with no longer talk to me. I have walked down hallways with people I used to be best friends with and we make zero eye contact. Can we just make it official, now? Unfriend.

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11 thoughts on “Friend. Friend. Unfriend. Friend.

  1. We have had this discussion. I believe that sometimes Facebook can make people unfriendly. For whatever reason, people decide not to like your posts, and they stop talking to you, ignoring you completely. it is a “Facebook slight.” I continue to have this debate with myself. And I have done it. I have had to remove people who affect my life negatively. There is nothing wrong with that.

    1. Yes I completely agree. It took a while to understand that there is nothing wrong with removing negativity from my life. I guess graduating allowed me the strength (or the courage) to go for it! Thanks for sharing my post!

      1. Yes, he commented on it as well! I followed his blog. He is a good writer! I can’t wait to continue reading his posts. 🙂

    1. I love that saying. It really describes the how I feel about Facebook friends. Twitter seems like an easier platform to friend/unfriend, too. Thank you for sharing that with me.

  2. I have this debate with myself at least a few times a year when I look over my Facebook friends. I used to be very hesitant to unfriend people but then I came up with a way to decide who stays and who goes. When I am sitting there staring at the list, I think about how much I have interacted with that person in the past 6 months. Were the interactions good or bad? If either of those answers is negative, they are removed. There are plenty more people who enrich my life outside Facebook so losing some dead weight on there isn’t a big deal anymore. 🙂

    1. I couldn’t agree more with you here. Isn’t it interesting that we feel the need to debate with ourselves about who should or shouldn’t be a Facebook friend? If my grandma were alive, I’d ask her how she would “unfriend” people in her life before technology was so booming. But, yes, there are PLENTY of people who enrich my life outside of Facebook. Thanks for the great comment.

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