Cotton On Haul – Fitness Clothes

Oh boy do I love shopping. A woman who loves shopping? Unheard of. My mom and I go shopping almost every weekend. Most of the time it is window shopping, but last weekend we could NOT pass up an amazing sale going on at Cotton On. If you haven’t heard of this store, it is an Australian retail store that I would compare to an affordable Aeropostle or American Eagle. I rarely shop at Aero or AE. Cotton On does not stamp their brand on almost every piece of clothing like Aero or AE, which is why I love it (other than the awesome prices). I have SO many clothes from Cotton On ranging from bras to jeans.

Last weekend they had a sale on most fitness clothing. Nothing over $8. As if I could pass that up. I actually needed some new fitness clothes. I think that a new wardrobe for the gym can boost your confidence while encouraging you to get off your bum and start working out! Below are photos of each piece of clothing I purchased. I will also give you the amount of money spent in the end.

Front view of Running Shorts (That’s what I call them)
Back view of Running Shorts
Sports Bra
Back view of Dancer Tee
Front view of Dancer Tee
Full view of Dancer Tee


Running pants
Running pants
Front view of Running Jacket/Rain Jacket
Back view of Running Jacket/Rain Jacket
Back view of Running Jacket/Rain Jacket
Front view of Winter Jacket (pink)
Front view of Winter Jacket (pink)
Back view of Winter Jacket (pink)
Back view of Winter Jacket (pink)
Workout shirt
Workout shirt

My mom and I wear the same size, so she purchased a white and gray winter jacket that is the same style as the pink one pictured above. She also purchased an orange version of the gray workout shirt pictured above.

Most of the items were $10, some were $8. Overall, I spent about $50 (including tax). My mom spent $18 including tax. So far I have worn the sports bra and workout shirt. I love them both! The running shorts will be worn this week. I cannot wait for autumn/winter so I can wear my pink jacket!

I always have a great experience when shopping at Cotton On. They have an online store that I highly recommend you check out. Let me know what you think of these clothes and the clothes featured online. Happy shopping!


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