Finish This… Week #20 (Week 1 for me)

If you missed my blog post on Monday, check it out. I joined in on a blogging game called “Finish This…” The game is an opportunity for bloggers to link up and share a bit about themselves. If you are reading this, consider joining in! If you do not have a blog, simply comment below and “finish” the sentences that I have finished below. For more information, check out my blog from Monday.

My favorite recipe is …
This is a hard one. I have too many recipes I LOVE. What meal are we talking about? If it is breakfast, my favorite recipe is cinnamon Belgian waffles. For lunch, I love a classic creamy peanut butter and blueberry jam sandwich (cut diagonally of course). For dinner, my favorite recipe is my mother’s lentil soup/sauce on top elbow noodles that have been lightly buttered. Add Parmesan cheese and your taste buds will be taken on an amazing journey. (I will be posting this recipe next week for my foodie segment. Stay tuned!) Finally, for dessert, my favorite recipe is my mother’s Chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter filling. It is sweet and decadent with a small layer of love. I would love to post that recipe… but it has secrets that I cannot reveal!

I believe in …
a sincere apology. I used to struggle with forgiving people, especially in high school. I, regrettably, held grudges. I let those grudges go and realized that people make mistakes (including myself). I can accept a sincere apology and move forward. There are no set rules to forgiving, so by accepting an apology, I do not have to be your best friend. I certainly will be amicable. Time heals wounds. I just have to remember that not every person is willing to take the first step by apologizing.

I need to set boundaries …
with my dogs (Dexter and Bailey). They tend to get rambunctious and need to settle down when guests arrive. I appreciate their excitement and spirit, but it can overwhelm people (especially me). Setting boundaries for dogs can be hard. How can you resist those cute faces?


I began living when …
I let go of fear. Don’t get me wrong… I still have fears and occasionally have to think twice before doing something. However, I used to fear not being liked and not being successful. After retiring from softball, reevaluating my life, and developing my faith, peace came when I let go of fear. Proverbs 3:5-6 – “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”

Thank you for reading my “Finish This…” for week 20 (technically week 1). Join in the fun next Wednesday, May 28!

Prompts for WEEK 21 (May 28) are:

The best mistake I ever made …

From this mistake, I learned …
When I’m anxious, I tell myself …
All I really want to do is …

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