Recipe Monday: Lemon Water

I have to admit… this isn’t exactly a recipe. If you want to call me out, I wouldn’t blame you. However, I am short for time this evening, I haven’t made anything noteworthy, and I wanted to share some benefits of lemon water. Hopefully by sharing the benefits, I can redeem myself.

With every meal, I drink water with freshly squeezed lemons. I do not drink soda, juices, or any other drink (with an exception to tea and coffee if I need a bit of caffeine). I never use bottled lemon juice or anything artificial. If it isn’t freshly squeezed, I won’t drink it. Call me spoiled or too picky; I don’t care. I think the flavor is amazing and I prefer natural juice.

So what’s the big deal? Why do I choose lemon water over everything else? Why did I use an entire Recipe Monday post on LEMON WATER? Well, followers, check out some of the benefits listed below! These benefits come from another fantastic blog. I wish I could take credit! If you would like to read more about lemon water and the benefits in detail, check out Tasty Yummies!

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1. Aids in Digestion

2. Cleanses your system/Diuretic

3. Boosts your Immune System

4.Balances pH Levels

5. Clears Skin

6. Energizes You and Enhances Your Mood

7. Promotes Healing

8. Freshens Breath

9. Hydrates your Lymph System

10. Aids in Weight Loss

If at least one of these benefits catches your eye, why not give lemon water a chance? There are other benefits that can be found on Happy Monday and drink up! Cheers!

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