Photo Diary: July’s Shenanigans

As my blog stated last week, I have been a busy bee. I thought a fun way to share my experiences this month would be through a photo diary. I saw Lauren Conrad do this on her blog (check it out if you have the time because it is great). I wanted to try it out and see how my followers reacted. Let me know by commenting below or simply liking the post if you found it to be a good idea.

To recap the month (and part of June), I went to a bachelorette party, celebrated Independence Day, killed it on the dance floor at my brother’s wedding, visited my favorite gals in Baltimore, watched the Nationals crush the Brewers, enjoyed the Jason Aldean concert at Nats Park, and bought my FIRST car! Obviously July is not over, but I have to say that this July is one for the record books. I am thrilled to share my experiences with you through photos below. Enjoy!

*Rest in Peace to my sweet hamster, Bruce, who died on July 25, 2014. He will be missed!

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