Happy National Lipstick Day: A few of my favorites

Hey girls, listen up! If you do not own lipstick, run to the nearest drugstore, Target, or makeup store and buy some PRONTO! You will not regret it. I love to apply makeup (as you all know), but sometimes I just lack the time needed to go “all out” with the process. Even when time isn’t on my side, I make time for two makeup essentials: BB Cream and Lipstick.

Because it isn’t national BB Cream day, I will keep my explanation for this short. I wear BB Cream because it evens out my skin tone, moisturizes the skin, and has SPF. I would skip a meal to make sure BB Cream is on my face. Of course, who can forget my beloved lipstick. Come on girls… if you say you do not like lipstick, you need to give it another shot. Lipstick is so powerful! It accentuates your smile, can add a pop of color to your outfit, and it boosts your confidence. Seriously… it does. Lipstick is just that awesome! 😉

Below are some of my favorites. I found that I stick with very similar colors because they look great with my skin tone and match any outfit I wear. If I am feeling bold (or wearing all black and would like a pop of color), I wear red or hot pink. Each photo has a caption that provides you with the color and brand of makeup! Let me know what lipsticks you enjoy wearing!



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