When things just aren’t going your way…

Photo Credit: Google Images
Photo Credit: Google Images

One of my favorite movies to watch, especially when life isn’t exactly “rainbows and unicorns,” is Elizabethtown starring Kirsten Dunst and Orlando Bloom. I am not writing this post to encourage you all to watch this movie, although I do believe you would enjoy it. I am writing this post to reiterate something that is well portrayed throughout the movie: “Make them wonder why you’re still smiling.” This is a great quote that is applicable to every negative situation you may encounter in life. So why not make note of it? Go ahead… write it down. Put it somewhere you will see it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Recently, I have been inundated with negativity. The ridiculous thing is… I didn’t bring this upon myself. Between the media, lack of time, war, crime, and even my own family and friends, I am overwhelmed with negativity. But you know what? Sadness is too easy! I choose not to entertain it. And yes, it can be overwhelming. Yes, it frustrates me from time to time. Yes, it certainly changes my opinion of people, places, and situations. I still will not let it consume my thoughts. Why? How? What!? (Am I reading your mind?)

Photo Credit: Google Images
Photo Credit: Google Images

Listen up, everyone. Life isn’t easy. We should all know this by now. I certainly do. I am writing this post to all of you who need a little encouragement. I am writing this post to inform you all that things may not get better by tomorrow, contrary to what Annie led us all to believe as children. Instead of thinking about tomorrow or dwelling on the past, live in the NOW and make “them” wonder why you’re STILL SMILING despite all that may be going “wrong” in your life.

This is not my own discovery. I have to thank the movie for encouraging me. Call me naive; I don’t mind. I understand that it is a movie and not real life. Does that mean the lessons that come out of books, movies, and even television shows aren’t worth noting? The movie was written based off of a life experience; I guarantee it. It may not be exactly as it happened in the writer’s life, but it certainly inspired them.

Am I digressing? Just remember at least one thing from this post. Make people wonder why you’re still smiling despite all the bullshit in this world. If you can’t find a job, failed an important test, blew the interview, or feel inundated with negative media, make them wonder why you are still smiling. That is my mantra and it has made me a happier person.

Photo Credit: Google Images
Photo Credit: Google Images


2 thoughts on “When things just aren’t going your way…

  1. Agreed! I love this movie, too. Not a year goes by that I don’t watch it. Dunst’s character is such an optimist, it’s infectious. I love how the movie describes “Failure” right from the beginning of the movie. LOVE this movie! Oh, wait. I said that. 🙂

    1. I agree. Her character’s optimism is infectious. The first time I watched the movie, I was experiencing so many tough things in life. It was a breath of fresh air to see a movie like this. I love this movie too, though. You can say it as many times as you’d like! I’d always agree 😉

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