Be kind to others

This post may get a lot of backlash… but I am hoping readers will avoid confrontation and share comments respectfully. Here goes…

You know, I’ve seen a lot of tweets, Facebook statuses, and blogs addressing the “how much you weigh” topic. In one Facebook status, the writer posted a photo explaining how the number on the scale does not define who you are as a person. Of course it doesn’t… it is a number. I do think it can say a lot about your lifestyle, though. Now, I understand ever person is unique and has a different situation. I am not referring to those people who suffer from a medical problem. This post does not pertain to people in unfortunate situations. I shouldn’t have to explain that, but just in case… I am.

Fat shaming is a problem. I understand that and I do not agree with it. I also do not agree with people looking at others differently because they are “thin.”  Not to mention, when I tell friends I am dieting or started a new workout regimen, they insist on telling me “But, you have no fat to lose.” Who said I was “fat?” Some women, like myself,  work hard at the gym. Does that always have to correlate with a desire to be super model thin? Many women go to the gym for themselves and their happiness. In my case, I take fitness seriously and I diet because I feel good when I do. I am concerned with my weight. Why? Because when I am eating everything in sight, not going to the gym, and gaining weight, I am unhappy. I aim for a number that is healthy for my height on the scale because it makes me feel great. Not because I want to fit in with the “thin women” of society.


When I saw this cartoon (above), I was offended. Yes, “thin” people get offended too. The size on my dress does not define how much I eat. I eat plenty of food. The difference is, I don’t overeat, which a lot of people do. I control my portions and eat 1500-2000 calories a day. If you eat more than that, then that is your prerogative. Portion control is imperative when leading a healthy lifestyle. I stopped eating fast food, drinking soda, and eating until the buttons on my pants popped because it is unhealthy. It made me feel awful. Before I controlled my diet and started a workout regimen, I had frequent headaches and stomachaches. I can happily say that they are far less frequent and I feel so much better.

Fat shaming is a problem. I agree and I believe it is cruel. But what about thin shaming? Should I feel bad for weighing less than the average American woman (approx. 166 lbs for a female that is 5’4″)? Because my dress size is a 2 or 4, does that have to mean I do not eat? No. I don’t think so. I am against cruelty towards people of different sizes. The cruelty should not be focused on those who are considered overweight. Whether you are 95 pounds or 295 pounds, it doesn’t matter. Keep your comments to yourself, be mindful of others, and if your main concern is someone else’s weight, you have too much time on your hands.

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