SOTW: Talking Dreams by Echosmith

About a year ago I began to listen to Echosmith after their album, Talking Dreams, released. It was an album I kept to myself because, like most “hipsters,” I want the good music all to myself. Once I heard the song Cool Kids on the radio, though, I knew it was only a matter of time before some of my favorite songs (songs that speak to my soul) were exposed to the radio listeners everywhere. If you are like me, you get very protective of your favorite artists. A perfect example for me is the band Bastille. Once Bastille got radio famous… I wanted to cry. I couldn’t listen to the radio for the longest time. I barely listen to the radio these days unless it is for rap/hip hop. Otherwise I listen to my self-made Indie rock or classic rock playlists, as they are my favorite genres.

Let me get back to Echosmith, now, though. Echosmith is a fantastic band with a GREAT album called Talking Dreams. The entire album is fantastic and I highly recommend grabbing a copy. If you enjoy the song Cool Kids that plays on the radio, you will love other songs from their album that are EVEN BETTER. Seriously. I chose the song Talking Dreams for two reasons. The first is because there is something about this song that yanks on my emotional chains. When listening to the lyrics, you cannot help but connect to the song in some way. “This is a short race. This is a short life. Let’s run, not walk, through this beautiful life.” It inspires listeners to follow their dreams and live their life to the fullest, which, I believe, we all need to be reminded at times.

Other than the lyrics to the song, the music is catchy, the lead singer is incredible, and I just love it. Simple as that. Please check out the entire album because this one song is only a glimpse into the greatness! Happy Monday and Happy Listening!

One thought on “SOTW: Talking Dreams by Echosmith

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