Photo Diary: It was a fun-filled August

Can you believe it is September already? The summer flew by! I know we still have a few weeks left (officially) of summer, but my mind is on Autumn. Fall is my favorite season, but I will be posting about that later this week. Keep an eye out for that post.

Given that August has ended, it is time for my monthly photo diary! If you remember, in July, I had NO time to blog. August proved to be just as busy, however, I did manage to post every so often. Regardless, I said I would do a photo diary at the end of each month to recap what kept me so busy.

August began with the Appetite Festival in Bethesda, MD with my mom. Affagatos, chicken, wine samples, and cheese consumed the first Saturday in August… no complaints. As August continued, I enjoyed welcoming one of my best friends home from doing mission work in Pittsburgh, going to a wine tasting, my cousin’s wedding, attending the Redskins pre-season game, visiting Atlantic City, touring the White House, seeing old high school friends, and celebrating Labor Day weekend (and my mommy’s birthday)!

Check out the photos below! August… you were good to me. Thanks for the memories.

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