Ten updates…

I do not have much time to blog today, so I figured a short post with some updates would have to suffice…

  1. I am officially a “Mac Person.” Okay, I am not entirely a Mac person, but I do love my new MacBook Air. I used to have (still do, but it is for emergency use only) an HP Pavilion. I got that baby about 5 years ago. That laptop lasted me throughout college, so I cannot complain. This MacBook Air is treating me well, though and I am thrilled about it.
  2. I love my job and my coworkers. Like most jobs, there will be good days and bad days. However, the number of good days out weighs the bad by a long shot! I can thank my awesome coworkers for that. We all get along so well and I am very happy where I am!
  3. I am applying for grad school… more on that later.
  4. When I finally had an opportunity to visit the beach, it rained. Even though I didn’t get to play in the water, make a sand castle, or even take a relaxing stroll where the sand meets water… I enjoyed two days away from my house (aka… my office.) *Working from home certainly has its perks, but one negative would be that you get stir crazy in your own home!


  5. The countdown to Disney with JC begins! We have received information about our MagicBands and look forward to purchasing tickets for the parks! If you have tips, let me know.
  6. I am searching for the perfect Halloween costume. Last year I was Leela from Futurama and Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.

  7. This weekend I will be visiting friends in Alexandria, VA and spending sunday with my family. We could barely go an entire month without having another Baione Family bash!
  8. My favorite season, Fall, is almost here (officially). I have already began my retail therapy for fall fashion. *A Nordstrom Rack Haul will be coming soon! I want to visit one last time before finalizing the post!
  9. I will be starting a YouTube channel in 2015. Perhaps sooner if I can save some more money and find the time! It will be focused on lifting, beauty, and everyday life!
  10. I have kitten fever. I was babysitting for my 6th grade english teacher (I love that I keep in touch with old teachers) and her cat was AWESOME. I am not a cat person, but this cat was dog-like, which has given me kitten fever. When I get my own place, you better believe I will have the coolest cat and dog on the block!

There you have it! Ten updates on the life of the Faithful Elephant. I have many blogs that need some editing and final touches that are currently in the draft folder. Soon, I will devote time towards editing and uploading those. I appreciate the endless support, despite my lack of blogging lately. Stay tuned for more! Happy Monday!

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