SOTW: I’m Still Standing by Elton John

On Saturday, my family and some friends went to the Washington Nationals NLDS Game 2 at Nats Park. Yes… we stayed THE ENTIRE EIGHTEEN INNINGS. Now, despite the loss and the wind burn… oh and the fact that I couldn’t feel my hands and feet the whole night, we had a blast. After the loss, the stadium played one of my favorite Elton John songs, I’m Still Standing. This song is pretty fantastic and can turn a sour mood to a chipper one in a matter of minutes. (Glee actually covered this song and it was pretty good! I put the link to that video at the bottom of this post.)

MLB: Washington Nationals at Atlanta Braves

I knew when that song came on that we would win Game 3 in San. Fran. I just had a feeling that the Nats would arrive hungrier than ever. At the Redskins tailgate on Monday, our entire crew crowded around a radio in order to listen to the Nats take game 3 away from the Giants. I was heartbroken last night when the Nationals lost game 4. Although the season is over, I couldn’t help but find myself singing I’m Still Standing.

The song can be applied to any moment in your life when you feel down and need to be picked up. All I can say is that the Nationals have all post season to contemplate the mistakes that were made, train hard, and stay hungry for next season’s pennant.

Enjoy the song of the week and Go Nationals!

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