Book Review: Ranger Martin and The Alien Invasion by Jack Flacco

jack2I am SO excited to be writing this post, today. I was chosen to be on the review team for Jack Flacco’s newest novel, Ranger Martin and The Alien Invasion. I can only hope that this review of the novel will be one of the first steps towards a successful future for Ranger Martin and The Alien Invasion. For more information about Jack Flacco, visit his website! Thank you for allowing me to review this great novel, Jack. I look forward to reading more from you in the future!

Before I begin my review of this novel, I want to say that I will not be unveiling any spoilers! When reviewing books, I try to explain what made me like (or dislike in some cases) the story. I want you, as a potential reader, to allow yourself to get lost in a book. How one person interprets a story may be different than another. So, with that being said, you do not have to worry… I will not be telling you the entire story or giving any spoilers. Although, it can be very tempting, trust me.

If I were walking down an aisle and stumbled upon this book, I probably wouldn’t pick it up for myself. I do not mean that in a bad way at all. I have never been one to choose novels of this genre because I am a… hopeless romantic. I look for books that pull on my heart strings. However, when I first read the title, I thought to myself, “My cousin Jake would LOVE this.” Jake is about 15 (I think he is 15… once they get out of the toddler stage, I can’t keep track of how old they are. I struggle to remember what I ate for breakfast). I say that he would love this because he is very much into the zombie, apocalyptic, alien, and action-packed books and movies that have swept the nation.

Ranger Martin and The Alien Invasion is a book young adults would enjoy. I know many people over the age of 18 who would enjoy this book, though. So, I do not want to say that this book should only be read by young adults. I just feel that young adults will appreciate the story more than a 22 year old female who’s favorite book is Pride and Prejudice.  Despite that, I could not stop turning the page. I really enjoyed this novel and think many readers will!

The story follows Ranger Martin and other teens as they fight to win back Earth against zombies AND aliens. I mean… what more could a teenager want than to read about people fighting against two of the most popular “monsters.” (Okay, maybe Monsters isn’t the correct way to describe them. But, to me, they are monsters.)

As I began to read this novel, I could not help but find myself imagining as though I was there fighting with Ranger Martin. Flacco is so descriptive and it is clear that he has an awesome imagination. I think that in order to write a great novel in this genre, setting the scene is imperative. Flacco does this wonderfully. The moment you open the book, you are immediately immersed into the action. There really is no hesitation.

While reading this novel, you will laugh, cringe, and cheer with excitement alongside Ranger Martin. I cannot wait until October 21, so I can purchase this book for my cousins as an early Christmas present. I hope that they enjoy it as much as I did! Thanks again, Jack! I really am glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and read this novel. I loved every minute of it!

About the Author:

JackFlacco and his family live in Ontario, Canada. When he is not writing, he volunteers his time. Past work includes acting in youth theater outreach for nursing homes, ushering at his church, and getting involved with scouts. Supporting his wife, she served on the leadership council for the local home education network and on the library advisory board responsible for the purchase of new books for children and young adults.

Jack and his wife currently contribute to a wide variety of charitable organizations. Holding dear the importance of universal literacy, they donate books to individual families in need. For more information, please visit Jack Flacco’s website by clicking here!

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