SOTW: Be Okay by Oh Honey

Happy Tuesday, everyone! The song of the week I have chosen is a song you may have heard on a commercial (I forgot what company uses it, but I hear it sometimes when the TV is on in the background at my house). You also may have heard a cover that was done by Glee last season. Yes… I watch Glee. Do not judge me (lol).

Be Okay by Oh Honey is such a great song because it is upbeat, fun, and you cannot help but smile when you hear it. The lyrics reassure us all that things will “be okay.”  Last week and the start of this week have been INCREDIBLE for me. Just as the song’s lyrics say, “Can’t complain about much these days.” I have been happier than ever, so it is hard not to share a song like this.

Be sure to check out some more music from Oh Honey. They are fantastic! Next week I will do an October recap so you can see what I have been up to. For now, I wanted to share this happy-go-lucky song. I hope that it brightens your week!

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