Finish This Week 43: Halloween!

Happy Wednesday! I cannot believe October is coming to an end already. For the last finish this of the month, as expected, the prompts are Halloween themed! I LOVE Halloween. I think it is a great opportunity for children (and adults) to dress up, indulge in some sweet treats, and have a good time!

This year, my brother and his wife (Ryan and Kelly) are hosting a Halloween party at their home. After a bit of fun there, we will be taking cabs to downtown Annapolis to enjoy some of our favorite bars! For my costumes, I always try to have fun with it. In college, I was a leopard, butterfly, Leela from Futurama, and Mike Wazowski from Monster’s Inc. I do not want to give away my costume this year because I will be posting about it next week!

I hope everyone enjoys their Halloween, this year. It is so exciting that Halloween has fallen on a Friday. Parents, go out with your kids and dress up! Everyone deserves to have a little fun on Halloween. Thanks for reading and join this link up by blogging for Finish This!

As a kid, my favorite Halloween costume was…
Honestly, I would have to say Superman. I have always been a lover of comics and super powers. With an older brother, you learn to ditch the dresses and tiaras for capes and cleats. I was (and still am) a tom boy at heart. I believe I was about two or three when my parents dressed me as Superman… *achem*… Supergirl, rather! When I got to high school, I decided to go that route again and I loved it. A girl can dream of being super, right?



As an adult, I celebrate Halloween by…
partying! I can’t resist a Halloween themed cocktail, dressing up with friends, and eating extra candy that trick-or-treaters didn’t snag from the house! Like I said above, this year we will be having a party at Ryan’s and taking cabs to Annapolis for bar hopping. Check back next week for a recap of the party!

My favorite candy is…
This is a serious topic for me because I love candy. It is hard to choose just one that is my “favorite.” I decided to list my top five candies!
1. Kit Kats
2. Butterfingers (including the new peanut butter cup kind)
3. Reese’s (duh)
4. Lollipops – Blow pops, dum dums, tootsie pops, you name it.
5. Candy Cigarettes (seems random, but I love them)

Prompts for WEEK 44– November 5
_____ makes me smile because
I put my trust
I don’t

Happy Halloween to you all!

finish this

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