Finish This Week 44

Happy Hump Day! With each passing day, I realize how life after college is quite monotonous. I have a very strict routine that seems to work well with my body. I wake up around 5 a.m., head to the gym, grab a coffee, make some breakfast, and begin the workday. Given that I work from home, I also find that I crave attention when my parents finally arrive home after the workday. My hyperactive side comes to life when they enter the door. I feel like a puppy who is greeting his owner for the first time in a while.

One thing that is never the same is the Finish This post I do each week. Obviously, the idea of the post is the same, but the prompts never are! My personal blog allows me to express creativity in a different way than I would at work. This is not to say that I am limited at work, because I am not. However, at times, I do feel that writing for The Faithful Elephant is a way for me to escape a bit during the workday. I am thankful for that. Shoutout to the ladies who started the Finish This link-up! I am enjoying it.

I guess we should get on with this week’s prompts then, right? If you are interested in joining the link-up, you absolutely should! It is never too late to begin, in my opinion. Start with the prompts below to kick it off for your blog. Happy Wednesday, all!

_____ makes me smile because

Some of my wonderful family.

A lot of things “make me smile because,” lately. One thing in particular, though, is this time of year in general. What I love so much about November and December is that I get to spend a large amount of time with my family. I am SO grateful to have a family that supports me, loves me, and cares for me deeply. Every single person in my family is an inspiration for me. They inspire me to do something extraordinary so one day they can say, “That’s our Kristin” or “She makes us so proud.” I live for making my family proud. I hope they know how proud they make me! (If you’re reading this, you crazy Baione’s… I love ya!)

I put my trust
In the Lord. You know, I don’t talk about this as much as I used to, and that kind of bothers me. I realize some of my readers aren’t Christians, and that is fine. I am not one to press my opinions or beliefs onto others unless they reach out to me. However, given that this is MY prompt to finish, I am happy to share that I put my trust in God. I am happy to post more about this in the future, if it is requested or if I feel that there is an aspect to my faith that should be shared. In the meantime, I will keep it simple. Proverbs 3:5-6.

I don’t
plan on eating non-organic foods from this point forward (unless I have no other options of course). I started a clean eating diet this week and I feel fantastic! Lately, my meals have been limited, though. I haven’t had enough time to take a serious shopping trip to the organic market. Saturday morning I will with my mom! So far, I’ve been grubbing on organic veggies and hummus a lot. I also have found that the grass-fed beef and organic chicken taste WAY better than the “other stuff.” Starting on Sunday, I am doing a two week detox with my mom that includes ALL organic, no coffee, no alcohol, etc. Although, I will be breaking the no coffee rule because I purchased organic coffee to get me through the two weeks. I love the flavor too much to ditch it! I will be journaling about it and posting it on the blog at the end of each week.

Thanks for reading everyone! If you’re interested in joining this link-up, do so today!

Prompts for WEEK 45– November 12
The best physical feature on my body is
The best physical feature on my spouse’s body is **Okay… so, considering I am not married and I am single, I am gonna have to edit this one a bit! Any questions or prompts you would prefer me to answer? If so, comment below!


2 thoughts on “Finish This Week 44

  1. Too excited to read about your organic diet! I have not had much time to cook or grocery shop, so I’m interested to see how you do it! Hope you’re doing well!

    1. I know… time is the killer! I have been cooking meals the night before so breakfast and lunch are already prepared. Thankfully, I work from home which is very helpful. However, I still prefer to have the meals pre-prepared. I will be sure to give tips from my mom’s perspective since she goes into work each day! ❤ Hope you are well, pretty lady!

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