Finish This Week 45

This week’s finish this is much shorter than usual. I actually do not have much to say for this one, however, I plan to do it anyway! Be sure to join in on the fun by clicking the photo below. Happy Hump Day!

The best physical feature on my body is…
Ugh. I am not very good at answering things like this. I actually hate having to choose a part of my body that is my “favorite.” Honestly, who cares haha? It doesn’t motivate me or make me love myself more. I love every part of my body because it me and I am unique. I guess, if I had to choose, a part of my body that receives a lot of compliments are my eyes. They have an interesting color to them. Although they fall under the hazel category, they come off quite yellow, which is cool!

The best physical feature on my spouse’s body is I chose to change this because obviously I do not have a spouse or boyfriend. Instead, I am making up my own finish this statement.

Today I will…
Visit the organic market to pick up a few food items for the next few days, complete a lot of work in order to be stress free starting Friday morning, do sprints and some ab workouts, and finally, I have a volleyball game! It should be a productive Wednesday!

Next week’s prompts are pasted below. I hope you all have a fantastic day. The weekend is almost here!

Prompts for WEEK 46– November 19
If I could fly to any destination tomorrow, I’d go to
My best advice for traveling is
I (like / dislike) to travel because

finish this

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