Finish This Week 47: Thanksgiving!

I am struggling to fathom that Thanksgiving is tomorrow. It seems like only yesterday 2014 began. The days are getting faster, which surprises me considering I do the same routine every single day. When in college, it seemed that the days were long, the weeks were longer, and the semester was an eternity. I suppose when I start graduate school in about a month, the days will feel long again.

This week’s finish this is obviously centered around one of my favorite holidays: Thanksgiving. Every year I spend Thanksgiving in Bethesda with my dad’s side of the family. Every year I grow more and more grateful for those who are in my life, the things I have, and the experiences I have gained. I am excited for the finish this prompts this week because I love Thanksgiving! Enjoy the prompts below and please join in! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

My favorite Thanksgiving tradition…
I do not have one set tradition that comes to mind. My parents and I do the same thing each year (which I guess would make it tradition). We travel into the city to spend the holiday with our family. When we arrive, we catch up, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company. The football games are on, but they never take precedence over conversations. The food is always spectacular. The pre-dinner speech is always perfect. If I had to choose one aspect to my Thanksgiving traditions, I couldn’t. I love every moment of it, every year.

My most memorable Thanksgiving was…
I honestly do not have one Thanksgiving that stands out in my mind as the most memorable. I will say, though, that my favorite Thanksgivings were when the entire family was there. Thanksgiving without my grandma, grandpa, Beave, and other family members who aren’t able to make it or have passed, is tough. We know they are all there in spirit, and I love that. Like I said in the first prompt, every year is my favorite year. I do miss Thanksgiving with some of the missing family members, though. Those Thanksgiving dinners will forever be the greatest memories in my heart.


My favorite Thanksgiving food or dish…
My mom’s sweet potato casserole. That casserole is ALL I have had on my mind for the past three weeks. I am so pumped to make them with my mom tomorrow morning! We even bought all organic ingredients! I can’t wait to share photos of all the incredible food.

I’m so thankful…
… I actually have a post scheduled to publish tomorrow regarding SOME things I am thankful for. But, I want to say that I am thankful for each of you who read my blog. I wouldn’t continue to write if I didn’t receive hits, comments, or likes with each piece I post. Thank you all so much for reading and sharing my blog. You are all so wonderful!

I hope you all find something to be thankful for, even in tough times. I know life can seem unfair and things do not always work in our favor… but great accomplishments and triumphs come from picking yourself up off the ground and continuing onward. Be thankful for the ability to learn from mistakes and hardships, if anything. ❤

As I finish writing this post, I see it is snowing outside my window. The first snow of the season. It’s  moments like this when I just take a deep breath and think how incredibly thankful I am. God truly has blessed me this year and every year with great friends, a supportive family, incredible ambition, and a spectacular earth. Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all!


Prompts for WEEK 48 — December 3
My biggest fan
My great blessing is
Sometimes, all you need to feel better about life is

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