Clean Eating Diaries: Far From Perfect

I wanted to give a quick update regarding my clean eating journey. The holidays are throwing a wrench in this journey, I must say. I chose a PERFECT time to begin the change, so I can only blame myself.

Regrettably, I am not writing this post with happy news about the diet. Since Thanksgiving dinner, I have not been consistent with clean eating. Ugh. It upsets me to admit it, but I would hate to put on a front. I think an important part of success is learning from failures. The word “failure” is a bit extreme in this case, I think. My point is that I am disappointed with my diet decisions.

I am happy to say that tomorrow is the start of a new week and I am getting back on track with clean eating. I will have to learn that an entire day does not need to be sacrificed because of one meal. If I am unable to get organic food for a meal, the whole day is not “ruined.” Just one meal was ruined. I learned the hard way, unfortunately.

I am not completely dissatisfied with my decisions, though. I found out that my body was adapting to the new diet and I had SO much energy up until I went back to old ways for a few days. The meals I ate that consisted of junk food, were high in sugar, and not organic made me lethargic, put me in a bad mood, gave me stomach aches, and contributed to weight gain. My weight fluctuates a lot, but I could see and feel a difference after a few short days. I am SO glad I noticed it sooner rather than later. I do not want my body to suffer more than it already has in ONE WEEK. Can you believe it?

Like I said above… I learned the hard way. My training for the half marathon has slowed and my discipline/motivation has definitely been lacking. I can only hope that my “Clean Eating Diaries” serve as an educational tool to each of you who keep up with it. I often go back and read past posts for motivation and a reminder myself.

Just when I thought I took ten steps forward, I feel like this one week put me thirty steps back. I look forward to using all of this as inspiration to improve. I refuse to let future holiday dinners (or any meals for that matter) impact all of my progress. Going into this, I knew clean eating would be tough. Stick with it, y’all! If you fall, get back up again. Share your experiences with others so they can be prepare their minds and bodies for it as well. Remember, that it’s only a mistake if you do not learn from it. Plus, now you can learn from me and skip a step! 😉

Thanks for reading and be on the lookout for more clean eating and marathon updates. Enjoy your Sunday evening!


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