The changes are coming!


This is an exciting post for me to write, today. Next week is my last week of work for the year (crazy). I will be on call if necessary after the 19th, but all of my pieces will be completed and I will, basically, just manage social media accounts for a few companies for the remainder of December.

I have put off the changes to my website so I could devote a good amount of time towards it this December. My two weeks off of work will allow me to put all my focus into that, which is fantastic. Even my Instagram will change a bit because I want to promote my blog using more than just Facebook and BlogLovin’.

Stay tuned for the upcoming changes to the blog! My goal is to have the changes completed before 2015. Things come up and life happens, though, so I won’t hold my breath, haha. Thanks for continuing to follow me and keep an eye out for more posts about the progress of my site.


Kristin (The Faithful Elephant)

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