Finish This: Week 49

If you recall, last week I posted my “Finish This” blog one day late. It felt weird doing that, so I made certain that I was on time this week. With that being said… Happy Hump Day! Take a moment to ready my Finish This prompts below and join in on this awesome experience! I have learned a lot about myself, others, and my blog from this. Even though there are only a couple weeks left of this year, it isn’t too late to start up. Click the photo at the end of this blog to learn more about joining!

My ideal winter weekend…

jumpOh I love winter. I have several winter weekend ideas flowing through my brain at the moment, so I will try to narrow it down.

The ideal winter weekend: Friday evening would consist of going downtown in D.C. to get some hot chocolate, walk around the Mall, and enjoy the beautiful Christmas tree outside the White House. Ideally, I would have a man by my side and a group of friends with us to share the fun. After that, when we arrive home, I would want to curl up by the fire with Christmas Vacation on and snuggle the night away.

Saturday would begin with a nice hot cup of joe to go with my feta and spinach omelet. If there was a blanket of snow on the ground, I would want to go sledding, build a snowman, and have a snowball fight with friends/family. After wearing ourselves out from the activities, I’d like to clean up and make snow cream (ice cream made from snow, yum). Then, I would pop in another Christmas movie and wrap presents while enjoying the movie. Once dinner rolls around, I’d want to go to a nice dinner in the city and walk around to see Christmas lights/decorations around the area. I would end the night snuggling by the fire while watching a season of one of my favorite TV shows (Sex & The City, Big Bang Theory, Workaholics, King of The Hill, Entourage, Game of Thrones… something like that).

Sunday would begin with a nice church service. After church I would go to a restaurant to enjoy an organic brunch (maybe Season 52). Then spend the remainder of the day without a plan. Sundays are my rest days and the days I like to just enjoy whatever comes my way. Whether I watch football, cook up an early Sunday dinner, or bake… I like to let myself follow whatever I feel is right that day. Now that would be an ideal winter weekend! (Too much, haha?)

My favorite song lyric…
This is practically impossible for me to narrow down. I LOVE music. Many songs speak to me, so I decided to choose six song lyrics that are just some of my all time favorites. This is not a definitive list haha.

I dream myself a thousand times around the world, But I can’t get out of this place.” – Grey Street by Dave Matthews Band

I’m gonna steer clear cause I’d die if I saw you, I’d die if I didn’t see you there. So I don’t think I’m gonna go to LA anymore.” – In Your Atmosphere by John Mayer

“I’m running through the gates of love as fast as I can. I can’t wait to see You, I’m a desperate man” – Desire by Phil Wickham

My head keeps spinning. I go to sleep and keep grinning. If this is just the beginning, my life is gonna be beautiful.” – Ain’t That A Kick In The Head by Dean Martin

“For your kindness I’m in debt to you. For your selflessness, my admiration, and for everything you’ve done, you know I’m bound… I’m bound to thank you for it.”Kind & Generous by Natalie Merchant

“You can bend but never break me, ’cause it only serves to make me more determined to achieve my final goal and I come back even stronger, not a novice any longer.” – I Am Woman by Helen Reddy

I smile because…
(today) I woke up on the right side of the bed! 😉 Just kidding! I am smiling today because I woke up in good health, the sun is shining, and God has blessed me with SO much lately. I am so thankful.

Thanks for reading the Finish This post for week 49! I hope you all enjoy your Wednesday and the rest of the week.

Prompts for WEEK 50 — December 17
Getting older is
My best kept secret
My guilty pleasure
My favorite place in the world

finish this

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