Finish This Week 50: Two weeks left of 2014!

Week 50? Wow, time is moving at the speed of light, this year. I mean, there are two more weeks until New Year’s Eve… that is hard to fathom. I guess the only thing to do is keep moving forward and embrace the new year. Happy Wednesday to you all and enjoy this week’s prompts.

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Getting older is…
scary. I notice that the days go by much faster once you graduate high school (around the age of 18, for me). When I was younger, I wanted to be older so badly. I think having an older brother encouraged that mindset. I always wanted to hang out with his friends, go to the parties he went to, and be “hip” with the older crowd. The cool part about being older, now, is that I am always hanging out with my brother and his friends. Age isn’t even an issue. Yet, when I was 11 and they were 15, hanging out wasn’t on the top of their priority list. If only we could stay at the ripe age of 22… that would be interesting. Speaking of age… Happy Belated 27th to my Brother, Ryan! Love ya, big guy.


My best kept secret…
doesn’t really exist. I have no “secrets” that could be considered life altering if someone else were to find out. I do not like being told secrets because I am the first to admit that I have to talk to someone about it (usually my mom). I can’t even keep the presents I buy friends and family a secret because I get so excited to tell them.

My guilty pleasure…
Awful, yet adorable (awfully adorable?), 80s movies with some chocolate cupcakes, curled up in a blanket. Too bad I do this more often than I should.

My favorite place in the world…
is yet to be discovered. Don’t get me wrong, I love home and being with family. Home is where the heart is, for sure. However, I have SO many places I am yet to discover. It is hard for me to claim a spot as my favorite if I haven’t explored enough of the world. I can probably bet that my favorite place in the world will eventually be either Italy, Thailand, London, or Washington, D.C. (which we all know I love more than anything, as of now).


Join this link up! It is a great way to get your mind moving and ideas flowing for your blog. Enjoy this beautiful Wednesday (it is beautiful if you are near the DC area and see the gorgeous blue skies, of course).

Prompts for WEEK 51 — December 24
My favorite Christmas tradition
My most memorable Christmas
The best gift I’ve ever received
The gift I’d rather forget


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