SOTW: We Are Done by The Madden Brothers

Most of you know I am from good ol’ Nap Town (Waldorf), Maryland. I’ve been following the Madden Brothers since they began as Good Charlotte in Waldorf. They are very talented and hearing new music from them seriously makes me thrilled!

The song of the week is We Are Done from the new album Greetings From California. So far I love the album! I couldn’t resist posting this song, as I will always support bands/musicians from my hometown. This song is very different from the punk rock the Madden Brothers started out playing. I love the change, though. Their genre switch to pop rock fits them, and we all know it will sell well too.

Congrats to The Madden Brothers! However, Good Charlotte will always have a special place in my heart considering almost every song was the soundtrack to my childhood-teenage years. And how can I forget that I used to have the BIGGEST crush on Joel. Darn you, Nicole Richie.

If you are interested, check out one of the originals from The Madden Brothers (back when they founded Good Charlotte). It is one of my all time favorites. Shout out to all of you from Nap Town!

I look forward to hearing more from these boys in the future. Greetings From California is a great album so give it a listen!

Happy Monday and enjoy this song of the week!

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