SOTW: She Gimme Love by Collie Buddz

This is my first post in 2015, and obviously I choose to discuss music, haha. I apologize for my lack of posting so far this year. I have put most of (if not all) my focus into work and graduate school. The only way I have time to write for myself is late at night. Normally I am asleep, but tonight I HAD to post!

So, this week, I chose a reggae song. I am pretty sure I am yet to post a reggae song on my blog. Today is the day! I remember the first time I heard reggae/caribbean inspired music. I was about 8 years old and my mom bought me this Caribbean CD that reminded me of life at the beach, relaxation, and it certainly calmed my hyperactive self. I have been in love with this genre every since.

The song I chose to share with you all is by Collie Buddz. I heard the song, She Gimme Love, recently when I hung out with some of my friends from high school. We were smoking hookah and enjoying some beer. That is pretty much the perfect time to listen to reggae music, right? Collie Buddz is pretty awesome, and I love his music. This song, in particular, always puts me in a fantastic mood. I have been listening to it a lot while driving, lately. Relaxation is imperative as a graduate student.

I hope you all enjoy this tune and I will be sure to post more reggae in the future. I have a lot of great music to share, but sometimes I forget to hit all the genres! Listen to this tune and allow yourself to relax. Happy Listening, Y’all!

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